Basic to Advance Infection Prevention & Control

This course is designed to provide an opportunity to gain or enhance infection control knowledge and prevention in health care sitting

Learning objectives

At the end of this course, you will be able to: 

• Explain health care associated infections (HCAIs) and antimicrobial resistance, contributing factors, costs and impact 

• Apply appropriate steps to break the chain of infection and reduce health care associated infections 

• Use correct infection prevention and control measures including standard and transmission-based precautions 

• Adopt best practices in collecting, labelling, transporting and reporting on specimens for laboratory analysis 

• Apply epidemiological principles and best practices in surveillance and outbreak detection and management 

• Assess and take steps to improve infection prevention and control in health care settings.

Course Organizers

Ms.Arifa Khatoon                                      

Manager Infection Control


Ms.Shabnam Bilal

Deputy Manager,Infection control


Mr.Farhan Zaffar

Program Coordinator,Infection control educational activities


Ms. Falak Noor

E-learning Coordinator,Health Informatics