Course objectives:

·         At the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • ·         Utilize the nursing process to provide holistic care to patients with variety of disease conditions across life span. Integrate                  Gordon’s functional health patterns as a tool for assessment of client and families.
  • ·         Relate normal and altered physiological and pharmacology concepts in clinical setting.
  • ·         Analyze the assessment data critically and hypothesize patient problem using NANDA
  • ·         Develop the evidenced based nursing care based on bio-psycho-social, cultural and spiritual concepts and theories in caring              for clients and families.
  • ·         Apply nursing concepts, theories, and models to provide effective and safe patient care.
  • ·         Integrate health promotion concepts and provide health education to patient and families.


Clinical Objectives

On the completion of this course students will be able to;

  • ·         Utilize history taking and physical examination of the client in varying developmental stages as a part of nursing assessment.
  • ·         Assess, plan implement and evaluate nursing care based on the functional health pattern (FHP)
  • ·         Integrate knowledge of teaching learning, path physiology, pharmacology, diagnostic test and ethical principles in planning                  and implementing patient care in clinical setting.
  • ·         Provide holistic care to patients utilizing nursing process incorporating physical, psychological, social, emotional and spiritual              aspects of care.
  • ·         Develop a concept map and a nursing care plan of patient under your care.
  • ·         Provide formal and informal teaching to client and families.
  • ·         Demonstrate professional responsibility and accountability in clinical practice
  • ·         Document assessment findings and care according to hospital policy.


Teaching/Learning Strategies:

Lectures, group discussion, guest lectures, problem based learning, self-directed learning, web based strategies, and clinical portfolio.

Clinical : Portfolio  100%




Midterm Exam/ 30% PBL session/ quizzes






Final Exam






Required Text:

Porter, P. A & Perry, A. G. (2016). Basic Nursing: Essentials for practice (5th ed.) St. Louis:


Kozier & Erb, G. K., (2015). Fundamentals of Nursing: Concept, process and practice (10th ed.).


Wesley.Bruner, L.S., & Suddarth, D.S. (2015). Text book of Medical-Surgical Nursing (14 Ed.).

Philadelphia: Lippincott.