In this module's the participants will 

Moodle provides a wide array of options as you determine the best way to let your students demonstrate that they have achieved the knowledge, skills, and abilities that the learning outcomes have defined.

  • Discuss and describe what is e-Learning Management System 
  • Discuss how to create the "Add an activity or resource"
Learning Outcome:

After completing this training, the participants will be able to understand 

•         Describe in how to Login in e-Learning management system
•         Discuss the How to use Moodle Navigation
•         Discuss How to create the Lesson
•         Discuss the upload File,Embedding a Video,
•         Create Quiz, Upload the result reports
•         Create the Assignment 
•         Create Feedback and see the result of feedback
•         Add Label ,Add Survey,Add Page ,Add Book  URL
•         Practice (Hands-On)