Objective of  Course:

To improve health care workers of IHHN knowledge to ensure patients are treated and cared in a safe and healthy setting. Online IPC certificate course intended to learn the basic concepts of health care associated infections, and to prevent and manage outbreaks. 

Details  of  Course:

This course begins with the basics of health care associated infections, indicator organisms, standard precautions, needle stick injury management Hospital policy, employee health policy, transmission based precautions, and other hospital infection control policies, and finally, you will be able to give test. Achieving 80% of marks is mandatory, test can be repeated twice to reach required numbers.

Duration of  Course:

Duration of this  course is 6 Days,  started from 18th to 24th April 2022

For More Information:

T: +92 32 3511 2709-17 Ext. 2299, 2303, 2304

E: infection.control@tih.org.pk

Course Organizers

Ms. Arifa Khatoon                                      

Manager Infection Control

Email: Arifa.khatoon@tih.org.pk

Ms. Shabnam Bilal

Deputy Manager, Infection control

E-mail: Shabnam.Bilal@tih.org.pk

Mr. Farhan Zaffar

Program Coordinator, Infection control educational activities

E-mail: farhan.zaffar@tih.org.pk