Title of course: Professional  Writing

Course code: EN - 635

Institute: ICoNM 

Course coordinator: Ms. Syeda Uzma

Mode of study : face to face/online.

Duration: 18 weeks.

Campus /Location :Online-ICoNM 

Total credit hours: 2hrs .

Accredited by:DUHS

Date of commencement of course: 25th Jan,2021

Date of  Evaluation /Review:


 This course is designed to enable the students to acquire specific language skills for leadership roles in hospital setting. The main focus is on using the language of persuasion and argumentation in oral and written communication.

 COURSE OBJECTIVES By the end of this course, students will learn to Write argumentative essays Deliver a speech to convince an audience by using the language of persuasion Write electronic memos to inform and persuade Record the proceedings of meetings according to a given format accurately

Eligibility Criteria : N.A

Course requirements ,Rules & regulations:

It is mandatory for the students to have 90% attendance ,to submit all the completed assignments before due date & to appear in all the CATs .

Course plan:

Course Assignments: Written assignments & presentations .

Assessment  grading policy: .

Indus College of Nursing and Midwifery


Evaluation Criteria






 Evaluation Criteria:


Assignment( Active ) 












 Final Term






Learning Resources:
1. Writing Academic English by Alice Oshima,
2. Longman English Grammar practice by Alexander & Longman.
3.Oxford Practice Grammar by John Eastwood.

Course Description 

This course provides the learners concepts and principles of leadership and management and professional development in a health care system that fosters positive, creative and caring environment. It prepares nurses for assuming the role of leaders along with their effective application in a context that are considered important for professional nursing practices in contemporary world

Course Objectives 

On completion of this course, learners will be able to: 

Discuss the structures and functions of organizations 

Explore the professional dimensions of nursing 

Assess various management systems within, and related to, the health care system by utilizing various leadership and management theories. 

Describe implementation of an effective human resource management in nursing

Identify different mechanisms for managing resources and monitoring effective utilization of resources.

Demonstrate effective communication and interpersonal relationship 

Discuss the application of the assertive behaviour in selected relevant situations by using negotiation skills. 

Describe the Quality Management System and its application to create an environment conducive to the provision of cost effective quality nursing care. 

Describe the contribution of Information Technology to efficiency and effectiveness of nursing.

Teaching/Learning strategies

Lectures, discussions, small group work, self assessment activities and various experiential exercises, videos and group presentations, case studies/ situation analysis.