Title of course: Academic Writing

Course code: EN - 615

Institute: ICoNM 

Mode of study : face to face/online.

Duration: 18 weeks.

Campus /Location :Online-ICoNM 

Total credit hours: 2hrs .

Accredited by:DUHS


This course is designed to develop critical reading & thinking skills.They will be introduced to write academic essays as well as summarizing and referencing as per APA .They will develop some familiarity with self directed learning skill.

Course Objectives:

At the end of the course, students will be able to:

1. Enhance critical rhinking & reading skill.

2.Use analytical reading skill.

3 . Paraphrase & summarize texts of varied lengths.

4 .Use correct forms of specified  grammatical structures.

5.Make oral presentations based on their experiences.

Eligibility Criteria : N.A

Course requirements ,Rules & regulations:

It is mandatory for the students to have 90% attendance ,to submit all the completed assignments before due date & to appear in all the CATs .

Course plan:

Course Assignments: Written assignments & presentations .

Assessment  grading policy: .

Evaluation Criteria





 Evaluation Criteria:














 Final Term







Learning Resources:
1.Writing Academic English by Alice Oshima
2.Longman English Grammar practice by Alexander & Longman.
3.Oxford Grammar practice by John Eastwood.

Course Description:


The aim of the course is to enhance student‟s nursing knowledge and skills essential in caring for patients and their families in tertiary health care setting. The course focuses on enhancing the advance clinical skills of nursing assessment; analysis of client‟s nursing care needs, and implementing preventive and therapeutic nursing interventions based on physiological, psychosocial, cultural and spiritual concepts. In addition, the course also incorporates concepts and knowledge of anatomy and physiology, pathophysiology and pharmacology

Course objectives:


At the end of this course, students will be able to:


·         Utilize the nursing process to provide holistic care to patients with variety of disease conditions across life span.

·         Integrate Gordon‟s functional health patterns as a tool for assessment of client and families.

·         Relate normal and altered physiological and pharmacology concepts in clinical setting.

·         Analyze the assessment data critically and hypothesize patient problem using NANDA

·         Develop the evidenced based nursing care based on bio-psycho-social, cultural and spiritual concepts and theories in caring for            clients and families

·         Apply nursing concepts, theories, and models to provide effective and safe patient care.

·         Integrate health promotion concepts and provide health education to patient and families.

Teaching/Learning Strategies:


Lectures, group discussion, guest lectures, problem based learning, self-directed learning, web

based strategies, and clinical portfolio.


Evaluation criteria Clinical Theory

Clinical portfolio 15%

CAT 15%

Midterm Exam/ 30%

Final Exam 40%

Total 100%

Required Text:

Porter, P. A & Perry, A. G. (2016). Basic Nursing: Essentials for practice (5th ed.) St. Louis:


Kozier & Erb, G. K., (2015). Fundamentals of Nursing: Concept, process and practice (10th ed.).


Wesley.Bruner, L.S., & Suddarth, D.S. (2015). Text book of Medical-Surgical Nursing (14 Ed.).

Philadelphia: Lippincott.